As a three-time breast cancer survivor, and now motivational speaker and Certified Coach Practitioner (life coach), Natalie Wilson has gone through the many stages of healing to come to one of the happiest places in her life; the place where she gives back and inspires other women to see that light at the end of the tunnel, and to move it along “SISTA.” Join her and others as they share their inspiring stories of triumph to a more positive, spiritual, and healthier way of being a woman. And if you haven’t gotten to that place yet, following Natalie and others with their High Heal Diaries, will certainly inspire you to get there.

“Strong women wear their pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts,
all you see is the beauty of it.”

Women have to do what we have to do, pain or no pain, so we may as well do it looking good! Natalie firmly believes that taking pride in how you look on the outside will truly make a difference in how you feel on the inside. “I’ve had sixteen surgeries and within a week or so after each one, no one would ever know what I had just been through…I’d just freshen up, do my hair and throw on a little bit of lipstick, and no one was the wiser unless I shared my story.” 

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A personal diary may include a person’s experiences and/or thoughts or feelings. A person tells these things to their diary because it won’t judge, talk back, and is unbiased. We as women must be each other’s personal diary; an open diary where we share our emotional pain and struggle due to whatever knocks we have received in life, without fear of judgment or ridicule. Natalie believes that by the mere nature of being brought into this world a female, we naturally acquire that female struggle and must rise above it, without the added stigma of shame. We all have a story to tell, and one person’s struggle and pain is no less than the other’s. ​

Inspiring women, one story at a time.

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